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Going to a dentist does not have to result in a stressful, unpleasant experience. Sedation dentistry makes it easier for people whose anxiety is triggered by an outing to the dentist. We will cover a few misconceptions and myths about sedation dentistry in this blog post for you.


To fully understand the process, the concept and the benefits of sedation dentistry, you must first understand the myths and misconceptions people believe about it.


Understanding Sedation Dentistry Near You


Sedation dentistry is commonly confused with general anesthesia, but they differ. Unlike general anesthesia, which puts you in an unconscious state, sedation dentistry has different levels that help you relax for your dental treatments or procedures; this means you are relaxed and conscious to respond to any questions a dentist near you may have.


Sedation treatment is not solely for people with anxiety during seated procedures; sedation dentistry is ideal for patients who go through prolonged dental procedures and have anxiety or bad gag reflex. Those treatments that use IV sedation dentistry help the patient relax not only facial muscles but also their minds to control their gag reflex when having dental treatments.


It is believed that sedation dentistry in Winnipeg is expensive, but the cost of it is mostly affordable by all our patients. However, depending on the dental procedure a patient must undergo, the sedation process and costs may vary, which can be fully covered by your dental insurance plan. Remember that when we talk about getting the perfect smile, no value is expensive to the benefits you receive.


Sedation dentistry is a candidate for almost all dental procedures with a dentist near you. Our dentist in Winnipeg will evaluate your situation and the best sedation dentistry type and level for you. Your dentist will determine if you are a candidate for sedation dentistry, but even children are candidates for it!


The most common type of sedation dentistry is IV sedation, a mild to moderate sedation treatment used by our dentist in Winnipeg. Different types and levels of sedation dentistry can be used depending on your treatment. Sedation can be administered orally, through a laughing gas, or intravenously. Once a dentist near you is done with your dental procedure, they will remove the type of sedation; a few hours will wear off the effect from your system.


●Oral sedation, however, takes longer since this is given to you in a pill that needs to be swallowed. It will affect the patient after a few minutes of ingesting it.

●On the other hand, the laughing gas type of sedation is a mix of oxygen and nitrous oxide that requires less effort from the patient to have an effect.


For a dentist near you to administer the right level of sedation, you must inform them of your overall health and let them know of any medical allergies you may have. Book an appointment with a dentist in Winnipeg to evaluate your oral health and provide you with the best dental treatment plan.

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