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By practicing excellent oral hygiene from a young age, your child can develop good habits as they grow into adulthood. When your child visits a pediatric dentist near you, they will not only check their teeth for proper growth and development but also teach your child how to take care of their teeth at home. If you are looking for dental cleanings and checkups near you, contact us! Our team at Greenwoods Pediatric Dentistry is happy to offer children’s dental cleanings and exams in Winnipeg.


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dental cleanings and checkups in winnipeg

When Should Your Child Have Their First Oral Hygiene Appointment?

Your child should first visit a dentist by the age of one or when their first tooth has erupted above the gum line, whichever comes first. After this, you should schedule bi-annual cleanings and exams for your child to ensure their oral health stays in excellent condition. Our experienced pediatric dentist in Winnipeg can detect and treat any oral health problem while they are still in their early stages before they affect the development of your child’s teeth.

Our team at Greenwoods Pediatric Dentistry strives to provide a warm and welcoming environment so that your child feels comfortable and safe when visiting the dentist. We will spend time with your child to educate them on the importance of good oral hygiene practices in a fun, calm, and child-friendly manner.

Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene at Home

When your child is one year old, it is important to clean their gums, even if they don’t have any teeth yet. You can gently wipe their gums with a warm, damp cloth. By the age of two, you should have slowly transitioned your child to their first toothbrush. When you first begin using toothpaste, you should only be using a very small amount, about the size of the tip of your fingernail. Help your child brush until they are about six years old, at which point you can supervise your child while they brush their teeth themselves. Your child should be brushing twice a day, just like you must.

Once your child has developed two consecutive teeth, you can begin to floss between their teeth carefully and gently. If you notice a small amount of bleeding at first, this is normal and will go away once your child’s gums adjust to flossing. Your child should be flossing at least once a day.

Looking for Dental Cleanings & Exams in Winnipeg?

If you are looking for an experienced pediatric dentist near you who can perform dental cleanings and exams, look no further than Greenwoods Pediatric Dentistry. We are happy to provide your child with a fun, safe, and comfortable dental experience. Please contact us to book your appointment today!