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General Anesthesia Near You

It is not uncommon for patients to put off going to the dentist due to nerves about what their dental appointments will entail. Luckily, our dentists have several ways to help our young patients stay relaxed. Many individuals have heard of anesthesia and may even be aware that it is commonly used in dentistry.


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general anesthesia in winnipeg

IV Sedation Near You

IV sedation is a sedative that is provided to the patient through the vein. It is easy to adjust the dosage for the patient during the procedure, giving the dentist good control over the patient’s alertness. Patients who get IV sedation in Winnipeg often don’t remember the majority of their procedure, despite being conscious during the procedure itself. Some benefits of IV sedation include:

  • An efficient and effective method of sedation
  • Quick recovery
  • Assists patients dealing with extreme anxiety
  • Individuals often experience amnesia, allowing them to forget about the procedure and feel more comfortable about getting future procedures
  • Reduced gag reflex, making it simpler for the dentist to operate without causing the patient discomfort
  • IV sedation does not render the patient completely unconscious, allowing them to continue to communicate with their dentist while feeling relaxed

Thinking About General Anesthesia in Winnipeg?

General anesthesia is more complex than IV sedation is only used for more serious or rare cases. General anesthesia uses a combination of medications to ensure that the patient is completely unconscious. When your child receives general anesthesia in Winnipeg, they will be essentially asleep and will not be able to communicate with their dentist. Additionally, they will need an experienced anesthesiologist to monitor their vitals during their procedure. Generally, anesthesia is not used unless it is considered absolutely necessary. Some cases where general anesthesia is required include:

  • When the patient has a high tolerance for medications and does not respond well to other relaxation methods
  • Certain dental procedures are extensive and can cause trauma to the patient, so it is best to have them completely unconscious for them- examples include wisdom tooth extraction and implant placement

If you are interested in sedation dentistry near you, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced dentist. We are happy to provide you with options for sedation dentistry in Winnipeg.

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