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Many people suffer from a fear of the dentist. It can take all the courage one has to make an appointment and visit the dentist for a professional dental cleaning or exam. However, if one finds out that they may need a full-on dental procedure done, the anxiety coming along with that idea can be crippling.

If adults are prone to dental phobia, then it should come as no surprise that children often find the dentist just as scary, if not scarier, than adults do. At Greenwoods Pediatric Dentistry, we understand that a fear of the dentist is a real concern for many of our young patients and have many ways to help ease patients’ anxiety, so they have an enjoyable visit. One of the simplest ways to help our little patients relax is through the use of laughing gas.


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sedation dentistry in winnipeg

Laughing gas is an excellent way to help patients relax during procedures by reducing anxiety and giving them the giggles. It is administered through a small mask fitted over the nose so that it doesn’t interfere with any treatments taking place in the mouth.

This method of sedation is very common and is safe for those who choose to use it. It is a good idea to speak to your child’s dentist about if laughing gas is beneficial for them. Not all dental professionals can administer laughing gas, so you will need to discuss the possibilities with your child’s dentist beforehand. This can be a part of the planning process when determining what will happen during your child’s procedure.

If your child has a dental procedure coming up, such as a dental filling or tooth extraction, laughing gas can significantly help them through the process. Speak to your pediatric dentist to learn more about how laughing gas can help your child feel relaxed and comfortable, making their dental procedure as enjoyable as possible.

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