Should You Get Involved with Early Orthodontics?

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As a parent, it is only natural to want the best for your child, and this includes ensuring that they maintain their healthy, stunning smile for life. Many parents aren’t sure where to start when it comes to orthodontics in Winnipeg. Our team at Greenwoods Pediatric Dentistry tells you all you need to know about early orthodontics in this blog post.

What is Early Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a sector of dentistry that focuses on the development, health, and alignment of the teeth and jaws. An orthodontist spends an additional three to four years training in conditions affecting the development of the jaw and teeth and learning how to treat them with things such as braces, Invisalign, and more.

Early orthodontics refers to the early intervention and treatment of poorly aligned teeth and jaws in younger patients to set them up for a healthier smile as they get older. When children begin to get their permanent teeth, they may experience problems with their bite, spacing, or protruding teeth. Often, providing treatment while the bones are still developing is the best way to prevent more serious issues down the line.

When Should Your Child See an Orthodontist?

Our dentist in Winnipeg recommends that you take your child to see an orthodontist around the age of seven. During this visit, your child’s orthodontist will perform a thorough examination of your child’s mouth to identify things such as:

#1 Crowding Problems

Teeth are arranged in upper and lower jaws in crescents called arches. When your child’s arch is too small, permanent teeth can become crowded as they grow in. In the past, teeth were extracted to make more space in the mouth. Today, early orthodontics near you makes use of a palatal expander to enlarge the upper dental arch to allow the permanent teeth to erupt without the risk of crowding. This reduces the chances of your child requiring tooth extraction in the future and allows their smile to develop in an aesthetically pleasing way.

#2 Malocclusions (Bite Issues)

Certain malocclusions, such as crossbite, can be caused by facial and jaw structure issues, and a palatal expander may come in handy in this case. Other bite issues, such as open bite and overbite, can also be addressed from an early age. Listening to the recommendation of a dentist near you to take your child to see an orthodontist can prevent them from developing temporomandibular joint disorders, encourage proper speech development, and improve their appearance.

#3 Protruding Teeth

Protruding teeth can not only be unsightly, but they are also more likely to be damaged when your child is playing or if they fall. Orthodontic treatments such as appliances and braces can reposition the teeth and prevent them from breaking or fracturing.

Get Involved with Early Orthodontics

While many children don’t require early intervention, it is still important to take them to see an orthodontist from an early age so their oral health and development can be monitored. To learn more about early orthodontics and how your child may benefit from seeing an orthodontist, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at Greenwoods Pediatric Dentistry. We are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.

It is beneficial to find out whether your kid needs an early orthodontic treatment or not, Reach out today to learn more or to get started with an early orthodontic treatment for your child at our best childrens dentist in Winnipeg.

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