The Importance of Fluoride Treatment for Strong and Healthy Teeth

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It is well known that there is considerable support for fluoride therapy for the treatment of children’s teeth. Dentists and the Canadian Dental Association both agree that consistent fluoride treatments are beneficial for people of all ages; despite this consensus, adult patients should be more frequently addressed in dental practices. 

Fluoride is safe and effective for patients of all ages. To help you feel more familiar and comfortable receiving this particular treatment, here are the top five benefits associated with doing so. If you have questions, talk with your family dentist today. 

Fluoride: What is it?

Fluoride is a common mineral that can be found in both food and water sources. Fluoride is used to fortify teeth and lessen the chance of cavities by dentists and other medical professionals. 

The mineral content of your enamel (the outer layer of your teeth) changes daily. Acids, created by bacteria, plaque, and carbohydrates in the mouth, damage tooth enamel and cause mineral loss. Demineralization describes this procedure. Minerals, such as fluoride, calcium, and phosphate, can be obtained from diet and drinking water. It is a remineralization process. 

Excess demineralization and a lack of adequate remineralization lead to tooth decay. In order to protect tooth enamel against acid attacks, dentists recommend a fluoride treatment in Winnipeg. Early degradation is also stopped.

Fluoride Treatment for Children and Adults

Infants and children aged 6 months to 16 need fluoride supplementation. Fluoride helps mature and develop teeth. Parents should restrict fluoride exposure for young children, says the CDA. Further, it advises against rehydrating liquid concentrate or powdered newborn formula with fluoride water. 

As per the CDA, breast milk, ready-to-feed formula, and formula with fluoride-free water are possibilities. Prevent enamel fluorosis, which generates microscopic white streaks on developing teeth before they burst through the gums. 

With these suggestions, CDA advises kids to always brush with a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. Spitting toothpaste instead of eating it Only a pediatric dentist near you should recommend fluoride mouth rinses for children under six. Infants should not take fluoride supplements. 

Adults benefit from fluoride too. Sjögren’s disease, antihistamines, and allergy pills can produce dry mouth. Fluoride may help in all these conditions. Spit removes oral germs and grime. Low saliva might worsen gum disease and cavities. 

Diseased gums expose teeth and gums to bacteria, increasing decay risk. You had cavities. Therefore, fluoride supplements may help. Orthodontic brackets, crowns, and bridges might cause cavities, necessitating these treatments.

The Importance of Fluoride Treatment 

  • Preserving Enamel From Erosion 

Protected by hard enamel, fluoride’s leading advantage is strengthening tooth enamel and reducing decay. Regular consumption of acidic beverages can cause enamel erosion and tooth decay. Enamel erosion makes teeth sensitive to hot and cold, making coffee and soda painful. 

Acidic liquids, including lemon, tomato, orange, and apple juice, cause enamel degradation and severe oral pain. Regular fluoride toothpaste and dental fluoride treatments near you strengthen tooth enamel. Fluoride also prevents enamel breakdown, which causes tooth sensitivity.

  • Re-Supplying Minerals to Teeth 

Acidic drinks damage tooth enamel. Teeth can recoup calcium and phosphorus lost to fluoride. Loss of tooth-protecting calcium and phosphorus can be dangerous. As part of remineralization, fluoride treatments restore tooth damage. Keeping your teeth strong and healthy requires remineralization.

  • Preventing Cavities and Decays 

Over 700 bacteria species live in your mouth, mostly doing nothing. If you don’t brush and floss after eating sweet and starchy foods, bacteria can break down carbs and generate acids that erode tooth enamel. 

Neglecting a word from your pediatric dentist in Winnipeg can erode tooth enamel. Fluoride treatments, toothpaste, and water can reduce tooth decay and cavities. Your dentist recommends fluoride treatments for your family.

  • Saving You Money on Future Treatment

Dentist fluoride treatments may be a good use of money. However, prevention is far cheaper than treatment. Keeping your teeth healthy will save you money on fillings. Regular fluoride treatments from your dentist can also help you avoid unnecessary dentist visits for tooth discomfort. You can safeguard your teeth and save money on dental work with fluoride treatments.

Want to Learn More? Contact Us

Remember to consult your dentist about fluoride treatment choices for you and your family now that you know the advantages it can provide. Fluoride treatments are available at Greenwoods Pediatric Dentistry. Don’t put off getting the benefits of fluoride treatment any longer; instead, call the office and arrange an appointment right away if you last had it a while ago.

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