Decay Prevention Around the Holiday Seasons

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During the October Holidays, you and your children are most likely going to be around a lot of sweet treats.

During this time, it might be difficult, but try to stay away from candies that stick to your teeth. Sticky candy is worse for your child’s teeth as it will stick in the crevices of the teeth and is a recipe for tooth decay. Sticky candy is difficult to remove from the teeth, meaning it will stay for longer, allowing for more tooth-decay-causing bacteria to feast on the sugar and multiply.

Some candies are worse than others, such as Caramels, Taffies, Skittles, Twix, Tootsie Rolls, and Swedish Fish.
Try sugar-free options to avoid decay.

If your child eats sticky candies, especially the ones listed above, it is recommended that your child brushes their teeth immediately after to make certain that there aren’t any bits of candy left on the teeth.

What makes candies decay the teeth?

While the mouth is filled with hundreds of good bacteria that help our mouths to maintain a healthy environment, there are also harmful bacteria that consume the sugars you eat, which creates acids. The acids tend to eat away at the tooth enamel (the protective layer of the teeth) and cause decay to occur as a result.

Have a great and spooky Halloween / Kawasaki Halloween / Ognissanti / El Día de Los Muertos / Barriletes Gigantes / Samhain and don’t worry, as we’ll be here to help you with any prevention dentistry that your child needs!

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