What is the Ideal Age For Dental Sealants?

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Tooth decay is the most prevalent dental issue in children. But all parents must be aware that cavities can be avoided. Parents should encourage their children to brush and floss teeth every day and take them for routine dental checkups. With that said, another good method of prevention is getting dental sealants near you.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Many parents are unaware of dental sealants, despite their significance. They lack knowledge of how dental sealants function, how they protect children’s teeth, and whether they are safe.

Dentists protect the chewing texture of their patient’s teeth with a thin plastic covering. Normally, the back teeth indentations and pits adhere to the coating that adheres to them. As a result, a coating that shields the tooth enamel is created.

You can contact us to get dental sealants in Winnipeg, or gain more knowledge. 

Who Can Get Dental Sealants?

Children and teenagers are excellent candidates for sealants because of the possibility of developing dental decay in the crevices of the premolars and molars. However, adults who do not have cavities or fillings in their premolars or molars can benefit from dental sealants.

When to Get Dental Sealants?

In most cases, it would be best to apply a dental sealant as early as possible, before the permanent molars and premolars erupt. When they are most vulnerable to cavities, which are typically between the ages of 6 and 14, sealants should protect their teeth during this time.

This sealant is appropriate for baby teeth in particular circumstances, such as when the teeth have depressions or deep grooves. Baby teeth are crucial to maintaining proper spacing so that permanent teeth can erupt properly. Thus, maintaining their health will prevent your child from losing them too soon.

Why Would a Child Require Dental Sealants?

Early cavity prevention is crucial. It’s likely that if your kid has cavities, he/she will also have cavities in their permanent teeth. In essence, it will cause tooth health issues that last throughout life. You must stop cavities before they begin if you want to set your kid up for success. Dental sealants can be handy in this situation.

Cavities in the teeth do not appear suddenly. The sugar in food that humans eat is consumed by bacteria in the mouth, which produces a potent acid that gradually erodes tooth enamel. The roots that are challenging to thoroughly clean with brushing will be filled in with a dental sealant applied to the chewing surfaces of the child’s teeth.

Children aged 5-14 are the best candidates for dental sealants. Talk with your dentist in Winnipeg about dental sealants as soon as your child’s first permanent molars show. When your child develops their second set of permanent molars, which typically occurs between the ages of 11 to 14, the dentist can apply another set of sealants.

Your child can resume their regular activities after submitting the application without the dentist placing any limitations on them. Both adult’s and children’s teeth can effectively avoid developing cavities thanks to dental sealants. It is very hard to ask kids to refrain from eating meals high in sugar and starch. To prevent cavities after applying dental sealants and give your child exceptional oral health, you can limit the meals you give them or replace them with alternatives your dentist near you will guide you on this further. 

In Summary

Dental sealants require regular monitoring. It is simple to accomplish this during your child’s or your appointment.  Visit Greenwoods Pediatric Dentistry, to learn more about dental sealants. To make an appointment, call us right away.

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